Monday, January 18, 2010

Mariana Gabrielle Maffia

Just like Carolina, Mariana Maffia came into the world 11 days early at 3:13am (Carolina was born at 3:17am).

Vanessa and I had gone out to lunch earlier that day speculating as to when the baby would come, especially as she was starting to have mild contractions. Just 8 hours later, she was on her way to the hospital! When I arrived, I was met by an extremely excited and anxious Mike and soon to be uncle Tony.

And just a few short hours later, I was back at the hospital and accidentally walked in on Vanessa & mike as she was preparing to push - when I walked in the door, I was met with anxious eyes as they thought I was the doctor coming in to deliver, but were quickly disappointed (in my defense, the nurses told me that was where my family was). Oops. Not 15 minutes later, we heard the sweet but oh so loud screams of Miss Mariana Maffia who was born at a healthy 5lbs, 15oz. Congratulations to the beautiful family!

Later that day, we went back and forth to the hospital to visit, and Kevin worked from home and babysat the newly dubbed "giant".

And the very next day, the Maffias came home and the little cousins met for the very first time.

Mariana is so tiny, and she is also a crier, but she is just a beautiful baby (and look at that hair!) and we all can't stop staring at her! Now I just need to think of an appropriate nickname.

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