Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Quit My Job... Now What?

Yesterday was my first day of unemployment, and what did I do? I started writing a business plan.

OK let me back up for a minute. I woke up remembering that, on this beautiful California Tuesday morning, I had no office to drive to.  My 'sabbatical' had officially begun. I spent time with Carolina, playing, walking and exploring, and wondering how her eating and sleeping schedule got so completely and insanely messed up, committing immediately to figuring out a way to get her back on track (ideas welcome - thanks).

I worked on RingSpotters which, by the way, has some very exciting stuff in the works so please come visit us, lied down on my bed chatting on the phone with a friend, watched a little American Idol, worked out, and began preparing delicious braised short ribs for dinner. I was reminding myself of the importance of creating a routine for my new flexible lifestyle (my list of things I want to accomplish grows daily), when I decided to sit at my computer, open up a Word document and began putting an idea on paper that I had been toying with for some time. And I wrote, researched, and wrote some more.

I am excited about the idea of creating something, unfamiliar as I am with the process. Yes, I left my job to be actively involved with Carolina, and this will always be my priority, but I also left because I wanted the freedom and flexibility to live, work and create on my own terms.

So what am I working on? I'll give you a hint - it has to do with clouds, a far away distant land and a bit of technology.

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