Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicago & Milwaukee II

Carolina did a fabulous job on her first ever plane trip to Milwaukee (and hour plus drive to Chicago). She was in her car seat for all of 10 minutes before she wanted to sit and play with Mama. She pooped all over her pretty white travel outfit, which Kevin had the pleasure of changing, but other than that, she slept almost the whole time. And when we arrived, Skip, Susan, Kathy, Bob,  Stephen & Lily were all there to greet us!

Carolina and I visited the Razorfish offices, while Kevin checked in on our tenants at the Kensington, and we had a great dinner with my girlfriends. We headed up to Milwaukee to spend some time with Dooner and the Shorewood crowd. Carolina threw her first screaming fit at her "welcome to Milwaukee" party and had to miss half of it, but she recovered nicely and returned to her sweet, smiley self.

4 Generations!

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